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Cuong Vu, This, This, and That

Cuong Vu, This, This, and That; Cuong Vu, Stomu Takeshi, John Hollenbeck; 2000
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Album Reviews

"...Takes the epic sci-fi peaks of Miles Davis circa BIG FUN and anchors them with a straight rocking, stripped down rhythm section..." - The Wire 

"No one is likely to confuse trumpeter Cuong Vu with a neo-con young lion. Although he's young enough, educated enough (the New England Conservatory) and experienced enough (including a touring gig with the Pat Metheny Group), he doesn't seem interested in the rote bebop recreations that characterize other young trumpeters. Working with the likes of Laurie Anderson and David Bowie as well as more jazz-oriented types, he's evolved a distinctive, electronics-influenced style that with this band almost takes on the trappings of a rock power trio." - Ken Waxman, 

"Trumpeter Cuong Vu's takes the spaciness and the simmering, rather than the raw, energy of Miles Davis' fusion-era bands—which featured six or more musicians —and translates their spirit into a trio while retaining the music's widescreen effects. Bassist Stomu Takeishi and percussionist John Hollenbeck give the music a broad foundation as Vu processes his melody-rich playing through electronics, and the effect is both soothing and anthemic. Come Play With Me is an album for the patient to get lost in again and again." - Christopher Porter, JazzTimes 

Each track on a Cuong Vu album is a sonic journey. It could be hauntingly melodic ("Dreams, Come Play With Me") or wildly primal ("Faith"). might start melodically, but as the music progresses, all three instruments ---- trumpet, bass, and drums --- grow in presence and character. After building to an abstract climax, the piece comes to a melodic resolution. - Ron Netsky,

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