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UW Oboe Day

Sunday, October 22, 2017 - 9:30am to 6:00pm
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    The life of a professional oboist requires practice and much more (Photo: Steve Korn).
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  • Oboe (Photo: Sarkule)
A day of masterclasses, discussion, and performance celebrating the Oboe
Sponsored by F. Lorée Paris and RDG Woodwinds
Hosted by Mary Lynch, UW oboe instructor and Seattle Symphony principal oboe
With guests Laila Storch, Alain de Gourdon, Ariana Ghez Farrell, Jennifer Spier, Donna Shin, Richard Karpen, David Rahbee, and others

Schedule Highlights

Time Event
9:30 AM Check-in begins
10 AM Masterclass with Mary Lynch. Student performances by Isaac Miller, Kieran Matz, and Vedrana Ivezic.
11 AM Lorée Lore with Alain de Gourdon and Special Q&A with Laila Storch
12 - 12:30 PM Informal Q&A about UW in Fishbowl with Mary Lynch, Richard Karpen, David Rahbee, and Donna Shin
12-2 PM

Free Lunch for Registered Participants in the Fishbowl, and time to try oboes and visit with Alain de Gourdon and Jennifer Spier from RDG Woodwinds.

2 - 4 PM Masterclass with Ariana Ghez Farrell. Student performances by Logan Esterling, Diego Espinoza-Masías, Samuel Rockwood, and Ashley Ultsch. 
4 - 4:30 PM Mini Repair Masterclass with Jennifer Spier
5 - 6 PM Closing Recital