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Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist: Amarilys Ríos Rosa - Puerto Rican Bomba 

Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 7:30pm
  • Amarilys Rios, winter quarter 2019 UW Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist (Photo: courtesy the artist)

Winter Quarter Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist Amarilys Ríos Rosa, master drummer and dancer, teams with her UW students and guest artists Jade Power Sotomayor, José Fusté, Ivelisse Díaz, Otoquí Reyes, and Hector Luis Rivera to perform the exciting music and dance of Puerto Rican bomba.

Artist Bio: Amarilys Ríos Rosa

A percussionist and dancer from Puerto Rico who specializes in bomba, a dynamic Afro-Puerto Rican tradition in which dancers challenge the drummer to sound out their improvised movements, Winter Quarter Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist Amarilys Ríos Rosa is a graduate of the Conservatorio de Puerto Rico and musical director for reggaetón singer Tego Calderon. She has performed and recorded with innovative Puerto Rican percussionists, including Paoli Mejias and Hector “Coco” Barez. Her UW residency marks a return to the Pacific Northwest; she led a UW master class and community bombazo in Spring 2018 that engaged dancers, percussionists, and aficionados of bomba dance and music.