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Campus Philharmonia Winter Quarter Concert

Campus Phil concert flyer

Rylan Virnig and Daren Weissfisch lead the Campus Philharmonia Orchestra, performing music by Moszkowski, Barber, Coleridge-Taylor, and Brahms

Masks are required in all indoor spaces on the UW campus, and patrons must show proof of vaccination or recent (within 72 hours of the performance) negative COVID-19 test for entry to live events at Meany Hall. Enhanced sanitation measures and touchless ticketing are among other safety measures in effect for 2021-22. Details of these policies and procedures are at: 


Campus Philharmonia Orchestras
Daren Weissfisch and Rylan Virnig, conductors

 Rylan Virnig, conductor
Campus Philharmonia Section B
Prelude and Fugue, op.85............................................................................ Moritz Moszkowski (1854-1925)
Adagio for Strings................................................................................................. Samuel Barber (1910-1981)
Novelette no.1, A major, op.52......................................................... Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912)
Daren Weissfisch, conductor
Campus Philharmonia Section A

Serenade No.1, D major, op.11..................................................................... Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
               I.         Allegro molto
              II.         Scherzo
             III.         Rondo

University of Washington Campus Philharmonia Orchestras
Rylan Virnig and Daren Weissfisch, Conductors
David Alexander Rahbee, founder

Campus Philharmonia Orchestra Section A


Katherine He- Microbiology                          

Emily Lee- Music                                                                              


Kamil Tarnawczyk- Music                                        

Marrakesh Beaner- Anthropology     


Leander Vandefen- Environmental Studies  

Cameron Lee- Design, Informatics                


Lukasz Kowalski- Math                                

Morgan Collings- Biology     


Sydney Jackson- Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering

Jacob Angerman- Electrical Enineering                    

Ethan Fang- Business Administration           

Levi Sy- Alumnus; Biochemistry, Russian                                                   


Riley Huston- Industrial Design                    

McKenna Sweet- Biology, IPIC        

Violin I                                              

Constance Aguocha- Violin Performance     

Steven Li- Marine Biology    

Sydney Kim- Biochemistry    

Paige Monsod - Cell, developmental, molecular Biology     

Heidi Resing- Mechanical Engineering         

Sam You- Informatics

Kevin Lu- Computer Science

Anthony McKeirnan- Engineering Undeclared

Brett Hazama Lum- Mechanical Engineering           

Sasha Gilster- Pre-sciences    

Phoenix Davis - Biology        

Kiyana Middleswart- Communication           

Abigail            Hu- Biology   

Asher Hicks- Art History      

Amrutha Srikanth- Computer Science           

Violin II                                            

John Paul Custodio- Biochemistry     

Chloe Elwell- Biology           

Sage Jacobs- Engineering      

Emma  Wong- Anthropology 

Ellie Anderson- Global Studies         

Delaney Wilde- Bioengineering         

Miguel Martinez- Public Health         

Abigayle Carino- Environmental Science     

Sandy  Huang- Piano             

Theo Favour- Computer Science       

Visali Sethuraman- Physiology         

Koto Durkee- Chemical Engineering 

Marisa Brunelli- Statistics      

Jillian Reyes- Psychology     


Skeie Liddle- Anthropology  

Denby Frank- Physics

Allison Fron- Masters of Science       

Shea Lee- Biology     

Andrew Fan- Neuroscience   

Pranathi Ramesh- Chemistry 

Thao Nguyen- Computer Science      

Davi Kim- Art                                                                                              


Cameron Ray- Nursing          

Victoria Chen- Biochemistry, Psychology    

Jason Teh- Mechanical Engineering  

Sophie Heeter- Undeclared

Callum Keddie - Mechanical Engineering      

Aileen Laubach- Engineering undeclared      

Gina Dickson- Engineering undeclared         

Lyle Zoumut- Alumnus Business Administration     

Lilah Favour- Biology      


Miah Robert- Linguistics, Speach and Hearing Science, Germanics

 Campus Philharmonia Orchestra Section B

First Violin

Zephyr Tao- Computer Science

Terra Bronson- ENGRUD

Stuart Crawford- East Asian Studies

Simar Khanuja- ENGRUD

Naomi Kern- ENGRUD

Angela Wei- ENGRUD

Abby Reed- Pre-Sciences

Nikki Privat- Marine Biology

Jacob Berg- Computer Science

Jonah Kern- Bioengineering

Colin Lau- Environmental Science

Ziao Yin- Biochemistry

Kohei Tamura- Pre-Sciences

Klae Howard- Biochemistry

Grace Davis- Marine Biology

Namrata Harish- Engineering

Second Violin

Scott Li- Electrical Engineering

Thea Higgins- ENGRUD

Ty Driskill- LSJ

Allyssa Vandi- MCD Biology

Felicia Poynter- Chemical Engineering

Theo Barr- Undeclared

Cora Taylor- Mathematics

Sam Lindsay- Mathematics

Sahiti Peddibhotla- Pre-Sciences

Joy Jung- Electrical Engineering

Yang Xu- Industrial Engineering

Gary Guo- Computer Engineering

Winnie Tan- MCDE Biology

Jacob Zhang- Computer Science

NaEun Kim- Mathematics

Chenyue Cao- Public Administration


Lucy Lajtha- Psychology

Alison Van Shaar- Linguistics

Alek Curless- Computer Science

Dennise Aguilar Cano- Pre-Sciences

Josephine Meier- Plant Biology and ESRM

Anna Feit- Global and Regional Studies

Hailey Peterson- Biochemistry and Music Minor


Austin Kamin- Synthetic Chemistry (Graduate)

Vanessa Yang- Medical Laboratory Sciences

Charlie Nesser- Nursing Technician at Harborview MC

Phyllis Chen- Informatics

Anderson Yuan- Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics

Laura Schladetzky- Global and Regional Studies

Jackson Porterfield- Undeclared

Edward Qin- Computer Science

Andrea Kelsh- Public Health

Freya Salsbury- Undeclared


Wren Bui- Medical Laboratory Sciences

 Summer Hollingsworth- Sociocultural Anthropology

Conductor Bios

Graduate Student Daren Weissfisch

Daren Weissfisch has conducted professional and student ensembles in the United States, Mexico, and Europe for over a decade. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Orchestral Conducting at the University of Washington under the tutelage of Dr. David Alexander Rahbee where he is the conductor of the Campus Philharmonia Orchestras, the assistant conductor of the University of Washington Symphony Orchestra, and conductor of the University of Washington Modern Music Ensemble and Opera Theater Works Orchestra. Daren was recently named House Conductor of the Tacoma Opera and he previously conducted the University of Washington’s opera production of Vinkensport by David T. Little and Joseph Haydn’s opera Philemon und BaucisDaren has also served as cover conductor for the Harmonia Orchestra Seattle and the Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra. From 2013 to 2019 Daren was the Artistic Director of the Orquesta Sinfónica Esperanza Azteca Sinaloa, which is an El Sistema based youth orchestra and choir in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. While in Mexico he was the assistant director for the 2016 production of Charles Gounod’s opera Romeo and Juliet with the Orquesta Sinfónica Sinaloa de las Artes under Sinaloense conductor Enrique Patrón de Rueda and the same year he collaborated with French guitarist Jean Bruno Dautaner to record the guitar concerto Tres en Raya by Spanish composer Antonio Ruíz Pipó under the AdLib MusicMX record label. In 2017 Daren conducted the Sinaloa premier of Horizontes, a work by Mexican composer Samuel Zyman, again with the Orquesta Sinfónica Sinaloa de las Artes, and for the 2017 Sinaloa Cultural Festival Daren founded the ensemble Sinaloa Players which presented Stravinsky’s masterpiece Histoire du Soldat in collaboration with renowned Mexican choreographer Mauricio Nava. Daren was a conducting student of Michael Jinbo at the Pierre Monteux Festival and School for several summers and he also studied with many notable conductors including Ludovic Morlot, Donald Schleicher, Kensho Watanabe, Lior Shambadal, Edward Cumming, Charles Olivieri-Munroe, Gábor Hollerung, Linus Lerner, Carlos Spierer, Sandro Gorli, Glen Adsit and Timothy Salzman among others.

Daren is also an oboist and was the second/assistant principal oboist of the Orquesta Sinfónica Sinaloa de las Artes in Sinaloa, Mexico from 2010-2019 as well as soloist playing oboe concertos by Mozart, Strauss and Bach. He is also a substitute player in the Seattle area with the Bainbridge Island Symphony Orchestra, Harmonia Orchestra Seattle and the Lake Union Civic Orchestra among others.

Grad student Ryan Virnig

Rylan Virnig is the Assistant Director for Admissions, Recruitment, & Community Outreach for the University of Washington School of Music.

Under the direction of Dr. David Alexander Rahbee, Rylan earned a Master’s degree in Orchestral Conducting from the University of Washington in 2022, and served as conductor of the Campus Philharmonia Orchestra and assistant conductor of the University of Washington Symphony Orchestra. A passionate educator, Rylan began his formal conducting studies with Robert Spittal and Timothy Westerhaus at Gonzaga University, where he received degrees in Violin Performance and Economics. In addition to winning the University’s Concerto Competition during his third year, Rylan was awarded the Undergraduate Music Award as well as the Jo Merwin Music Award for outstanding musical accomplishments and contributions. Rylan served as concertmaster of the Gonzaga Symphony Orchestra, who hosted internationally recognized soloists such as Midori Goto and Lynn Harrell.

In addition to his work at the University of Washington, Rylan is the assistant conductor for the Bellevue Youth Symphony, and has appeared as a substitute violinist for the Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra and the Helena Symphony Orchestra. He was previously the conductor for the Snoqualmie Strings Youth Chamber Orchestra, and has participated in the Pierre Monteux School and Music Festival Orchestra and the InterHarmony International Music festival in Piedmont, Italy.