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John Vallier (he/him)

Affiliate Assistant Professor; Curator, Ethnomusicology Archives
John Vallier

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(206) 616-1210
SUZ 370
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By appointement
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John Vallier is archivist and curator for the UW Ethnomusicology Archives (UW Libraries Special Collections). He's also affiliate faculty in the UW Ethnomusicology, as well as UW's Honors and Museology programs. John teaches on a range of topics, from remix studies and archives, to music of Seattle and sound of cinema. Before coming to UW, John was archivist at the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive, a composer for Activision, and a drummer for various bands. More information available here

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Additional Courses

"Grunge is for Lo$ers": UW Comparative History of Ideas (CHID).
"Time-Based Media." Winter 2024: UW Museology.
"Library Mashup." Fall 2023: UW Honors.
"Seattle Sounds." Spring 2022: UW Honors.
"Sounds of Cinema." Spring 2022: UW Cinema and Media Studies.
"Looted? Ethnomusicology, Archives and Colonial Legacies" Winter 2022. UW Honors.
"Ethnomusicology, Archives & Decolonization." Winter 2021: UW Ethnomusicology.
"Sound of Cinema." Winter 2019: UW Cinema & Media Studies.
“Seattle Sounds." Winter 2019: UW Collegiate Seminar.
"Writing About Music." Fall 2018: UW Honors Program.
“Seattle Sounds." Spring 2018: UW Collegiate Seminar.
“Remix as Resistance & Discourse." Winter 2018: UW Honors Program.
"Sonic Spain." EFS 2018: UW Study Abroad, Music, and Spanish & Portuguese Studies.
“Sound Archiving in Ethnomusicology." Co-taught with Laurel Sercombe. Winter 2016: UW Ethnomusicology.


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Society for Ethnomusicology

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