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Indigo Mist: That the days go by and never come again

Indigo Mist CD image
Indigo Mist: That the days go by and never come again, Cuong Vu, Richard Karpen, Luke Bergman, Ted Poor, RareMusic, 2014.

The ghosts of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn presided over the recording of “That the days go by and never come again,” the 2014 RareMusic release from Indigo Mist, known more familiarly around the School of Music as the Vu Karpen Project—a collaboration of faculty artists Cuong Vu (trumpet), Richard Karpen (piano and live electronics), Luke Bergman (bass), and Ted Poor (drums). The group’s experimental art music, which layers the musician’s work with live electronic iPad per formances by students and research associates of UW Music and the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media, results in a set of covers and original music paying tribute to the jazz icons in a bold and uncompromising fashion, while at the same time, as Vu says, “flipping the whole idea of playing ‘jazz’ upside down.”

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