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Gospel Choir

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Phyllis Byrdwell directs the UW Gospel Choir.
Phyllis Byrdwell directs the UW Gospel Choir.

Phyllis Byrdwell leads the 100-voice gospel choir in songs of praise, jubilation, and other expressions of the Gospel tradition.


Worship The Lord/I Get Excited: arr. Byrdwell

How Excellent!  Daryl Coley

By Your Word: Rev. Milton Brunson

Do Not Pass Me By:  arr. Byrdwell
soloists: Vanessa Affandy, Timilehin Toye

Prayer of Jabez: Andre Crouch/ Donald Lawrence
soloist: Luke Van Sickle

Anthem of Praise: Richard Smallwood

Sacrifice of Praise: arr. Byrdwell
callers: Yash Varde, Olivia Dotson, Asad Beck, Daniel Lee

Total Praise: Richard Smallwood


Phyllis M Byrdwell, Director, Keyboard
Tony Mobley, bass guitar
Fred Byrdwell, Percussion
Patricia Hunter, percussion
Kalia Hobbs-Rutz, TA

UW Gospel Choir  

Phoebe Kwan, Psychology
Plain Panta, Engineering
Timilein Toye, Master in Public Health
Ya Lin Huang,  Computer Science
Olivia Dotson., Molecular Engineering
Cordelia Jiang, Education, Communities& Organization
Vanessa Affandy, Electrical Engineering
E. Hadley Mariel,  Landscape Architecture
Sofia Alukal, Undecided
Coco Tang, Communication
Miahee Park, Immunology
Karla Jo Tupper, Retired RN/community member
Mary Anne Christy
Erin Lin

Mathea Calle. BIOE
Ellie Brosius. Electrical Engineering
Emma Owen. Electrical Engineering
Junbe Hu. Art
Alison Yan. Computer Science
Lydia Lee. Biology
Natalie Ge. Industrial Design
Celie Forrester. Biology
Yuchen Shentu. French
Shreya Balaji. Design
Melia Blumenfeld. Pre-Social Sciences
Sofia Schwazwalder. Philosophy
Piper Davidson. Journalism
Kalia Hobbs-Rutz. TA
Anna Howard. Community Member
Mimi Beck. Community Member
Tova Beck. Community Member

Luke Van Sickle. Aerospace Engineering
Henri Lower. Electrical&Computer Engineering
Kiri Schnetter. Applied Mathmatics-Data Science
Jorryn Clements. Bioengineering
Daniel Lee. Business
Gavin Westland. Music
Fernando Jimenez. Human Centered Design&Engineering
Noah Shiira. Pre-Sciences
Yao Yao
Rue Oliver. Medicine
Sam Klebanoff. Immunology
Carmela Stewart. Undeclared

Anthony Chua. ME
Asad Beck. Graduate Program in Neroscience
Matthew Young. Molecular Cellular, Developmental Biology
Gabriel Lau. Biochemistry
Samuel Smith. Biochemistry&Marine Biology
Yash Varde. Computer Science
Stephen Blaskowski. Molecular Engineering
Luke Amrine. Global& Regional Studies
Josiah Wan. Electrical&Computer Engineering
Miki Kusunose. Economics
Leo Shinoda. Civil Engineering
Ruy Munoz. Civil Engineering
Kollin Luo. Chemistry
Hugh Culos. Education
Max Mckelvey. Electrical Computer Engineering

Director Bio

Phyllis Byrdwell

Phyllis Byrdwell, director of the UW Gospel Choir, is Minister of Music at Mount Zion Baptist Church of Seattle and also a music educator for Lakeside School. She has conducted several seminar workshops on Gospel music throughout Washington state and nationally, and served as a songleader for the Baptist World Alliance conference in Birmingham, England in 2005.

Byrdwell was inducted into the Washington Music Educators Association's Hall of Fame in 2002 and serves on the Seattle Symphony Board of Directors.

A School of Music alumna, she holds a bachelor's degree in music and bachelor's and master's degrees in music education.

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