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Fall 2024 Entrance Auditions—Instrumental & Vocal Entrance Auditions

Saturday, February 3, 2024
  • UW Music auditions

Auditions are for entrance to the UW School of Music in Fall Quarter, 2024. Audition sign ups are required and can be made online once you have applied to the UW.

PLEASE NOTE: After signing up for an audition you will receive more information specific to your area.

Your performance audition will be limited to 10-15 minutes, including entrance, performance and exit. Voice and Music Education auditions require additional evaluation. Please review Suggested Audition Repertoire to plan for your audition for  your intended major.  You may contact the studio faculty with questions regarding audition repertoire. Please contact with any other questions or concerns.  

Scholarships are awarded yearly following the January and February auditions. Students who are pursuing music degrees will automatically be considered for scholarship at the time of their audition.  

Fall 2024 Entrance—New Student Auditions: New major entrance and scholarship auditions

Saturday, February 3: Instrumental & Vocal Entrance Auditions