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Congratulations, UW Music Class of 2018!

Submitted by Joanne De Pue on May 23, 2018 - 5:02pm
  • UW Music Class of 2018
    Andrew Romanick, Suzanna Mizell, Gemma Balinbin, Arrianne Noland Hamner and Lorenzo Guggenheim celebrate their accomplishments.
  • UW Music Grand Finale 2018
    Husky Pride: UW Music Class of 2018!
  • UW Music Grand Finale 2018 Ethnomusicology
    2018 Ethnomusicology graduates pose with Professor Patricia Shehan Campbell
  • UW Music Grand Finale 2018 Daisha Trio
    Daisha Trio performed at the Grand Finale celebration

The School of Music honored its Class of 2018 Friday, June 8 with its annual Grand Finale celebration, providing a festive send-off to 58 degree recipients and their friends and loved ones.

The UW Music Class of 2018 includes 31 students earning graduate degrees—12 master’s, 7 PhD, and 12 DMA—and 27 students earning BM or BA degrees. Fully half of the undergraduates earning music degrees double-majored in programs outside of music, earning second degrees in an array of programs including Architecture Design, Political Science, International Studies, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Psychology, and others.

Graduates, friends, and family enjoyed refreshments, socializing, music and speeches, as well as a grad processional and roll call on the Brechemin Auditorium stage. Graduates Kelly Brown (BM Orchestral Instruments)Lorenzo Guggenheim (MM Orchestral Conducting) and Meg Stohlmann (DMA Choral Conducting) delivered remarks about their experiences at the UW, and the undergraduate scholarship trio Daisha—Isabella Kodama, cello, Halie Borrer, violin, and graduate Daniel Richardson, pianowowed attendees with their agile interpretation of the fourth movement of Mendelssohn's Piano Trio No. 2 in C minor, Op.66.

View an album of photos from the Grand Finale Photo Booth here. 

Congrats, Grads!


Class of 2018
University of Washington School of Music


David Aarons, PhD Ethnomusicology 

Kevin Baldwin, DMA Composition

 Gemma Balinbin, MM Voice Performance

 Jonathan Bezdegian, DMA Organ Performance

 Matthew Carr, MM Jazz Studies and Improvised Music

 Ching-Yueh Andrew Chen, DMA Piano Performance

 William Coppola, PhD Music Education

 Diego Espinoza, MM Woodwinds Performance

 Jimmy Goeijenbier, MM Piano Performance

 Lorenzo Guggenheim, MM Orchestral Conducting

 Arrianne Hamner, MM Voice Performance

 Maren Haynes, PhD Ethnomusicology

 Whitney Henderson, PhD Music History

 Joseph Kinzer, PhD Ethnomusicology

 Katherine LaPorte, PhD Ethnomusicology

 Jeffrey Larkin, DMA Choral Conducting

 Bradley Leavens, MM Brass Performance

 Miao Liu, MM Woodwinds Performance

 Joshua Lutman, MM Voice Performance

 Elizabeth MacIsaac, DMA Choral Conducting

 Suzanna Mizell, MM Voice Performance

 James Morford, PhD Music Education

 Ryan Mullaney, DMA Choral Conducting

 Sarah Riskind, DMA Choral Conducting

 Andrew Romanick, DMA Piano Performance

 Margaret Stohlmann, DMA Choral Conducting

 Laure Struber, DMA Piano Performance

 Mark Tse, DMA Wind Conducting

 Emerson Wahl, MM Percussion Performance

 Chen Wang, MM Woodwinds Performance

 Daniel Webbon, DMA Composition



Schuyler Asplin, BM Jazz Studies

 Jocelyn Beausire, BA Music; BA Architecture

 Evan Berge, BA Music; BA Political Science

 Kelly Brown, BM Orchestral Instruments

 H. Thomas Campbell, BM Jazz Studies; BA International Studies

 Yun Fang, BA Music; BA Architectural Design

 Sarrah Flynn, BM Orchestral Instruments

 Anna Freedman, BM Jazz Studies; BA International Studies

 Susan Hallstead, BA Music

 Stephanie Hobart, BA Music; BA Psychology

 Shannon Horst, BA Music; BA Communication

 Vanessa Lee, BM Music Education

 Ricardo Luna, BM Music Education

 Jonah Melchert, BM Music Education

 Remy Morrit, BM Jazz Studies

 John Morrow, BM Music Education

 Alexis Neumann, BA American Music; BA Comparative History of Ideas

 Adam Page, BA Music

 Emmeran Pokorny, BM Strings

 Daniel Richardson, BM Piano; BS Mathematics

 Daniel Salka, BM Jazz Studies; BA Environmental Studies

 Kara Shantery, BA Ethnomusicology

 Kristina Terwilliger, BM Voice

 Joseph To, BM Musice Education

Yubo Tong, BA American Music; BS Mathematics

 Nicholas Varela, BA Music History; BM Voice Performance

 David Wall, BA Music

 Elizabeth Zhang, BA Music; BS Electrical Engineering