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Prepared Excerpts - 2023 Ensemble Auditions

UW OrchestraUW Bands Auditions Requirements

Please see here for the audition schedule and information about signing up for an audition


For Symphonic Band and Campus Philharmonia (view music): edited 6/7/23

For UW Wind Ensemble and UW Symphony Orchestra (view music): edited 6/7/23


For Symphonic BandUW Wind EnsembleUW Symphony Orchestra and Campus Philharmonia

Bb Clarinet for all groups (view music): edited 6/5/23
If you do not have an A clarinet, please play the excerpts as written on Bb clarinet. You may skip longer rests as you please. Prepare excerpts marked in brackets. Eb and Bass clarinets are optional. 

(Optional) Eb Clarinet for all groups (view music): edited 6/5/23

(Optional) Bass clarinet for all groups (view music): edited 6/5/23


For Symphonic Band and UW Wind Ensemble (view musicedited 6/5/23


For Symphonic BandCampus PhilharmoniaUW Wind Ensemble and UW Symphony Orchestra (view music): edited 6/5/23

The 2023 UW large ensemble flute audition repertoire consists of Symphony No. 2 by Brahms and Firebird Suite by Stravinsky. For consideration for placement in Campus Philharmonic and Symphonic Band only, please prepare Symphony No. 2 by Brahms (pages 1 and 2). For consideration for placement in all ensembles, including Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble, please prepare a Symphony No. 2 by Brahms and Firebird Suite by Stravinsky (pages 1 through 4).


For Symphonic BandCampus Philharmonia, UW Wind Ensemble, and UW Symphony Orchestra (view music): edited 6/6/23

Oboe/English Horn 

For Symphonic Band and Campus Philharmonia(view musicedited 6/5/23

Students should prepare these excerpts:

  • Barret Etude 28
  • Rimsky-Korsakov
  • Strauss to 17 after M

For UW Wind Ensemble and UW Symphony Orchestra(view musicedited 6/5/23

Students should prepare all excerpts. 


For Symphonic Band and Campus Philharmonia (view music)edited 6/5/23

For UW Wind Ensemble and UW Symphony Orchestra (view music): edited 6/5/23

Contact Dr. Whiting, Chair of Percussion Studies with questions at:


For UW Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band (view music): edited 7/10/23


Tenor Trombone (view music) edited 6/5/23

Bass Trombone (view music) edited 6/5/23


For UW Wind EnsembleUW Symphony Orchestraand Campus Philharmonia:

Prepare all excerpts. (view musicedited 6/7/23

  • Prokofiev 5, 3-6 
  • Ride 
  • Meistersinger Overture J-L 
  • Toccata Marziale Low Octave 
  • Brahms 2
  • Revueltas Sensemaya 2-8

For Symphonic Band:
Prepare the following two excerpts. (view musicedited 6/7/23

  • Prokofiev 5, 3-6 
  • Meistersinger Overture Opening


For Campus Philharmonia and Symphonic Band:
Prepare the first excerpt. (view musicedited 7/13/23

For UW Wind Ensemble and UW Symphony Orchestra:
Prepare all excerpts. (view musicedited 7/13/23