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Namesort descending Title Email / Phone Office Hours
Picard, Alexandra Graduate Student
Brizuela, Alonso Graduate Student
Chen, Andrew Graduate Student
Kumar, Anita Graduate Student; Admissions and Recruitment Assistant MUS 124/MUS 28A
Barbee, Anna Graduate Student
(602) 317-5716
Mus bldg. Rm 13
M 12:30-1:30, Th 2:15-3:15
Frisch, Anna Graduate Student
Patrick, Antonio Graduate Student By appointment
Lieberman, Barry Artist in Residence, Double Bass
(206) 685-9112
MUS 330
Luedcke, Ben Graduate Student
Lulich, Ben Artist-in-Residence, Instrumental Performance; Clarinet
Whiting, Bonnie Chair, Percussion Studies; Artist in Residence
McDavid, Brad Director of Husky Marching Band
(206) 543-7383
Graves Bldg
Banks, Brenda Assistant Director for Student Services
(206) 543-2726
MUS 116
Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Schappals, Brian Graduate Student
Beare, Caitlin Graduate Student
Terry, Carole Professor, Organ and Harpsichord
(206) 543-1184
Broeder, Chelsea Visual Communication Specialist MUS 111
By appointment
Sunardi, Christina Chair, Ethnomusicology; Associate Professor
(206) 543-0266
Roberts, Christopher Lecturer, Music Education MUS 31A
Peterson, Claire Office Manager
(206) 543-1201
MUS 102
Todd, Colin Senior Computing Specialist
(206) 543-0543
MUS 105
Sheppard, Craig Chair, Keyboard; Professor, Piano
(206) 543-1279
MUS 206
Valdés, Cristina Artist in Residence, Piano; Director, Modern Music Ensemble
MUS 211
Vu, Cuong Chair, Jazz Studies; Donald E. Petersen Endowed Professor MUS 7
Cronn, Curtis Music Library
(206) 543-1168
MUS 113
Sieden, Cyndia Artist in Residence, Voice MUS 210
Miller, Dakota Graduate Student
Jordan, Darrell J. Graduate Student
Rahbee, David Alexander Director, UW Symphony; Senior Artist in Residence
(206) 543-1209
MUS 209
Gordon, David Chair, Brass; Artist in Residence, Trumpet
(206) 685-2239
MUS 336
Wijaya, Devina Program Coordinator, Brechemin Auditorium Manager, Time Scheduling MUS 102
Shin, Donna Chair; Woodwinds; Associate Professor, Flute MUS 207
By appointment
Mathews, Doug Administrator
(206) 543-2137
MUS 107
Niemela, Doug Concert Production and Sound Manager
Wood, Doug Piano Technician
(206) 935-5797
Morin, Douglas Graduate Student
Graves Hall 22
By Appointment
Johns, Elena Assistant to the Director
(206) 543-2071
MUS 104
Cherland, Elisabeth Graduate Student
Wahl, Emerson Elias Graduate Student Meany Hall, Rm. 53
Acri, Emily Graduate Student
(847) 477-2361
Vice, Emma Constituency Relations Officer
(206) 685-6997
RH 350
Conor, Erin Head, Music Library
(206) 685-3140
MUS 113
Radke, Fred Lecturer; Jazz (Big Band era); Honorary Director, UW Big Band
(206) 543-1185
MUS 301
Mabalot, Frederick Bayani Graduate Student
Garza Canales, Gabriela Graduate Student Meany 59A
By appointment
Louie, Gary Media Maintenance
(206) 543-1218
MUS 32
Corralejo, Gemma Goday Diaz Graduate Student; Teaching Assistant, Music 185 MUS 13
Boers, Geoffrey Director of Choral Activities; Associate Professor
(206) 543-9212
MUS 222
Open, by appointment
Bozarth, George Professor, Music History; Brahms Archives
(206) 543-0400
MUS 225
Scheepers, Gerrit Graduate Student
(417) 755-0125
Funes, Gina Lecturer; Vocal Performance for Non-Majors
(206) 543-1214
MUS 301
Wyers, Giselle Chair, Voice/Choral; Donald E. Petersen Associate Professor
(206) 543-1398
MUS 319
Peterson, Graham Graduate Student
Sinibaldi, Greg Artist in Residence, Saxophone
Hodge, Huck Chair, Composition; Associate Professor
(206) 543-1232
MUS 325
Dube, Hunter Student IT Assistant Room 105
Yang, Hye Jung (Helen) Graduate Student
Kohfeld, J. Mike Graduate Student
Fair, Jeffrey Artist in Residence, French Horn
(206) 604-0610
MUS 335
By Appointment
Rodgers, Jennifer Graduate Student
Morada, Jeremy Graduate Student
Taricani, JoAnn Chair, Music History; Associate Professor; Graduate Program Coordinator
(206) 685-0569
MUS 18
DePue, Joanne Director of Marketing and Publicity
(206) 543-1186
MUS 111
Kinzer, Joe Alumnus; Ethnomusicology Archivist By Appointment
Bevington, Joel Graduate Student
Durand, Joël-François Associate Director, School of Music; Professor, Composition
(206) 543-1229
MUS 108
DiCesare, John Artist in Residence, Tuba
Hanford, John Lecturer, Music History MUS 25
Bernard, Jonathan W. Chair, Music Theory; Professor
(206) 543-4889
MUS 16
Archibald-Seiffer, Josh Graduate Student
Pampin, Juan Professor, Composition; Director, DXARTS
(206) 616-6258
RAI 207
Cruz, Julio Graduate Student Music 13
By Appointment
Eason, Kaila Front Office Assistant
Ragan, Kari Artist in Residence, Voice; Voice Pedagogy; Vocal Health
(206) 543-1214
MUS 330
Baldwin, Kevin Graduate Student
Starr, Larry Chair, American Music Studies; Waters Endowed Professor
(206) 543-8348
MUS 331B
Mondays, 10:30-11:30
Halsey, Lauren Graduate Student MUS 029
Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30 - 11:20, and by appointment
Hepburn, Lauren Graduate Student
Cappello, Laurie Graduate Student
Martin, Leann Undergraduate Advising and Admissions; Lecturer, Music History
MUS 116
Prospective students are encouraged to make an appointment.
Pucci, Lígia Graduate Student
Peragine, Linda Music Library
(206) 543-1168
MUS 113
Guggenheim, Lorenzo Graduate Student LGPG@UW.EDU
Bergman, Luke Artist in Residence, Bass
(206) 543-9260
MUS 311
Cowan, Lynn Music Library
(206) 543-1168
MUS 19
Nice, M. Elizabeth Graduate Student
Thielen, Maia Julianne Graduate Student
Seales, Marc Professor, Jazz Piano
(206) 543-1231
MUS 14
Alejandro Torres, Mario Graduate Student Meany 59A
By appointment
Tse, Mark Graduate Student; Graduate Assistant, UW Concert Bands Meany 63
by appointment
Lynch, Mary Artist in Residence, Oboe MUS 337
Blegen, Matthew Graduate Student
Stohlmann, Meg Graduate Student
Watras, Melia Chair, Strings; Adelaide D. Currie Cole Endowed Professor; Professor, Viola
(206) 543-1233
MUS 202
King, Michael Graduate Student
Berry, Michael Lecturer, Music Theory MUS 335
Brockman, Michael Artist in Residence, Saxophone
(206) 616-6209
MUS 50
Partington, Michael Artist in Residence, Guitar
(206) 543-6939
MUS 10
By appointment
Sakai, Michiko Senior Secretary
(206) 543-5204
MUS 31
Barnes, Molly Graduate Student
Saïd, Monta Monique Graduate Student
Cobb, Nathan Graduate Student
Campbell, Patricia Shehan Professor, Music Education, Ethnomusicology
(206) 543-4768
Harshman, Paul Artist in Residence, Jazz Studies (Big Band)
Byrdwell, Phyllis Artist in Residence; Director of UW Gospel Choir
Kline, Rhonda Director of Accompanying; Artist in Residence
(206) 221-5126
Karpen, Richard Director, School of Music; Aura Morrison Endowed Professor
(206) 543-2071
MUS 106
McCabe, Robin Professor, Piano
(206) 543-1223
MUS 204
Patterson, Ronald Professor, Violin
(206) 543-1227
MUS 210
Venneberg, Ross Graduate Student
Mullaney, Ryan Graduate Student MUS 331
By appointment
Libra, Samuel Graduate Student; Graduate Assistant, UW Music Library Music Library Downstairs
Riskind, Sarah Graduate Student By appointment
Bost, Sarah Graduate Student
Kolat, Sarah Graduate Student MUS 023
Krimsky, Seth Artist in Residence, Bassoon
(206) 543-9260
MUS 337
Dudley, Shannon Adelaide D. Currie Cole Endowed Professor; Associate Professor
(206) 543-6308
Stahl, Shayna Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant
Gestsson, Skúli Graduate Student
Fissel, Stephen Artist in Residence, Trombone MUS 50
Rumph, Stephen Associate Professor, Music History
(206) 543-9403
MUS 26
Stubbs, Stephen Director, Baroque Opera; Senior Artist in Residence
(206) 543-1230
MUS 105
Danielson, Steve Graduate Student
By appointment
Morrison, Steven J. Chair, Music Education; Professor
(206) 543-8986
Prajapati, Subhash Ram Graduate Student
Cady, Susan Piano Technician
(206) 380-4094
Thorsteinsdóttir, Sæunn Artist in Residence, Cello MUS 205
Lorenz, Taina Graduate Student Music 28A
By Appointment
O'Keefe, Taryn Graduate Student
Poor, Ted Artist in Residence, Drums
(206) 543-9874
MUS 311
Cunningham, Tekla Artist in Residence, Violin and Baroque Violin
Almli, Thomas Graduate Student
Harper, Thomas Associate Professor, Voice
(206) 543-1219
MUS 324
Salzman, Timothy Chair, Wind Ensemble Conducting; Professor
(206) 685-8050
MUS 217
Collier, Tom Professor Emeritus, Jazz Studies
Gordon, Valerie Muzzolini Artist in Residence, Harp
(206) 543-9466
MNY 56
Kern, Verletta Music Library
(206) 543-1168
MUS 19
Chalasani, Vijay Graduate Student; Marketing and Publicity Assistant
Coppola, William Graduate Student
Smith, Wyatt Graduate Student
Lu, Yang Graduate Student

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

Namesort descending Title Email / Phone Office
Merati, Albert L. Adjunct Professor, Voice (from UW School of Medicine)
Yung, Bell Affiliate Professor, Ethnomusicology
Frisell, Bill Affiliate Professor, Jazz Studies
Corey, Charles Affiliate Assistant Professor, Composition; Director, Harry Partch Instrumentarium MUS 21
Dubinets, Elena Affiliate Assistant Professor, American Music Studies & Music History
Dissanayake, Ellen Affiliate Professor, Music Education
Vallier, John Affiliate Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology
Anderson, Joseph Affiliate Assistant Professor, Composition
Tsou, Judy Affiliate Assistant Professor, American Music Studies & Music History
Sercombe, Laurel Affiliate Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology
(206) 543-0974
Morlot, Ludovic Chair, Orchestral Conducting; Affiliate Professor
Berríos-Miranda, Marisol Affiliate Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology
Nevdahl, Martin Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Voice (from UW Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences)